⚡️ Hello there! Ari here with some highlights:

  1. 🧊 NEW Floating Cubes Qbank- We created 60 additional floating cube questions for you to practice with. If you're not sure what a floating cube is, see here.

  2. 🃏 NEW Biology Anki Deck- Lots of students like using Anki, a flashcard app, so we made it easy for you. We converted the Bootcamp Bio Flashcards into an Anki deck for you to study with.

  3. 📹 Hiring Biology Video Creator-Check out the post for more information- preference for gap year or current dental applicants.

Our DAT Study Group is continuing to crush it - congratulations to all recent test takers and thank you for sharing your test experiences with the community.

Go Team! 🙌

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