⚡️ Hi everyone! Ari here with a couple updates:

  • 📹 TFE Video Explanations added to PAT Academy! Your favorite PAT hero, Kiana, has created short and sweet explanation videos for every TFE question in PAT Academy. Now you can practice and learn strategies before going to the practice tests.

  • 🏎 Your video speed setting is saved now. No more selecting 2x speed on every individual video. Choose 2x speed once and your settings will be saved.

  • 🧬 We're hiring a Biology Content Editor (shorturl.at/hnFIO). We're looking for someone who obsesses over every word, concept, and detail. If you've taken the DAT or know someone who'd be a good fit, send them this job post!

We're more than halfway through the year - I hope you're all doing well and safe ❤️

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