⚡️ Hello hello! Ari here with a couple updates:

  1. QR Video Explanations to Tests 1-10 are added to your account! Your favorite QR hero, Raheel, has been working on getting these out and has added 400 video explanations to every question in the QR section. Next time you take a QR practice test, watch the video explanations, let us know if you like them!

  2. Some test taking tips the day of the exam: Bring an easy to eat snack like a granola bar or banana. And floss/brush your teeth afterwards - fresh breath is the key to the reading comprehension section #dentistlyfe

  3. Thank you to everyone for contributing to create a positive community. The top posts this month were viewed by 10k people each. Keep on sharing your experiences, your insight helps thousands of other people in a similar boat.

We're always listening and improving the Bootcamp study experience. Catch you next week 💪

Ari & Team Bootcamp

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