What we're up to?

We believe that saying more with less is a critical way to improve the study experience, and we're hiring incredible editors and content writers to help us rewrite our biology test text explanations to pack more punch.

Examples of how we can say more with less

1. Rewriting content for clarity and brevity

2. Using smart graphics that pack more punch than words (this is what we're most looking for - can you create beautiful simple graphics to explain more with less).

Special bonus points if you can illustrate

3. Using tables to present information succinctly and in a way that allows direct side-by-side comparison of related concepts (mind mapping related ideas)

4. Adding mnemonics, and pro-tips to highlight key information and help students remember it

5. Rewriting text explanations as a companion to a video explanation, rather than independent of it.

Why join us?

  • Join a team that values and is obsessed with creating the best educational content for our peers. We value quality over quantity and take pride in the work we publish. We believe students can see and feel the small details that show we care about their success.
  • Compensation starts at $20/hour
  • Remote work - work from home on your own terms

How to apply

This is the explanation for the test project:


1. Open a new Google doc and either edit or rewrite the above explanation (think about the example edits above, or be creative and come up with your own approach)
2. Make sure you edit Sharing permissions on your Google doc such that anyone with a link to the doc can be a viewer
3. Fill out the application here and submit your new explanation: https://airtable.com/shrJb0gZMn04xHDiU

In order to get this job, you're really going to have to wow us. Simply summarizing the text isn't sufficient. Use creativity to explain more with less!

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