There’s an updated question type appearing sometimes on the cube counting section of the 2020 PAT, dubbed “unsupported cubes” or “floating cubes”.

No need to fret, everything is basically the same, and this 5 min video by Kiana is going to show you everything you need to know.

Key takeaway: Just remember to count the underside of the unsupported cube too, and you’ll be fine!

So you can see the term “floating cubes” is a misnomer. These cubes are not ‘floating’, but rather unsupported by a cube directly beneath them. All you have to remember is to count the underside of the unsupported cube and you’ll be fine. All the rules remain the same.

You’re not guaranteed to see this question type on your DAT, but if you do, you’ll be prepared 💪

Try out a practice problem for yourself! Pause the video, tally the cubes, and watch the video explanation to see if you got it right.

Check out our PAT Academy Cube Counting chapter to learn how to beat this section and ace the PAT.

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