What we're up to

Do you love teaching anatomy? Do you take pride in making anatomy easy to learn and helping students succeed?

We’re building an anatomy resource to help students excel on anatomy practical exams and looking to team up with passionate anatomy teachers to create it.

Why join us?

  • Join a team that values and is obsessed with creating the best educational content for our students. We value quality over quantity and take pride in the work we publish. We believe students can see and feel the small details that show we care about their success.
  • Compensation starts at $25/hour
  • Remote work - work from home on your own terms

Who are we and how do you fit in with this?

We’re a test prep company founded by teachers for teachers. Our Dental Admission Test (DAT) product is used by 97% of all pre-dental students, and the reason we stand out is because we’re obsessed about creating the best content possible for our students.

We receive messages like these every day at DAT Bootcamp, and this is what we want them to say about our anatomy product too.

Our focus over the next 12 months is to create video explanations and lessons to unlabelled cadaver images. These practice questions will be used by healthcare students across the globe as they prepare for their anatomy exams. 

What an ideal candidate looks like

  • Super passionate anatomy TA, teacher, or tutor 
  • Available for more than 20 hours a week for the next 12 months

How to apply

Use loom.com and Google slides to make a screen recorded lecture teaching students how to identify all of the following arteries. Keep your video in the 5-10 minute range.

Feel free to use images from across the internet to help you make your video, it won't be published and is just for application purposes.

Here's an example video of a different area to give you a reference point:

You can then include your Loom video link and fill out the application here: https://airtable.com/shrO1OzJYUqr1Z2Gu

Referral bonus

Know someone else this would be a great fit for? Refer them to this post and we’ll pay you $500 if they're a successful hire (still working with us 60 days after start).

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