Will Bootcamp help me with the OAT (Optometry Admissions Test)?

Short answer: Yes!

Students have found DAT Bootcamp very helpful in studying for the OAT for the sciences, the quantitative reasoning section, and reading comprehension. The reason is the OAT is written by the ADA, who are the same exact people that write the DAT. The scope and style of questions between both exams is identical. The OAT website is even hosted by the ADA.

What are the differences between the DAT and the OAT?

To start, there are a few key differences between the DAT and the OAT:

  • The OAT does not test perceptual ability.

  • In place of perceptual ability, the OAT tests Physics, where the student is tested on topics such as vectors, energy and momentum, thermodynamics.

The DAT and the OAT cover the exact same material in the biology, general chemistry, and organic chemistry sections (1). Given that DAT Bootcamp has developed high quality questions for the DAT, students preparing for the OAT have found they translate very well for preparing for the OAT.

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