By upgrading your membership on DAT Bootcamp, you get instant access to the following for 90 days:

What resources are included in the Bootcamp upgraded membership?

  • 60+ practice tests, high-yield tests with thorough explanations and illustrations that are easy to understand
  • 330+ in-depth chemistry concept videos where Dr. Mike teaches you DAT chemistry from the ground up
  • 70+ in-depth perceptual ability and reading comprehension videos paired with 100+ practice problems to test and reinforce your understanding
  • 10 full length exam simulations to get you comfortable with what you'll see on test day

What tools are included in the Bootcamp upgraded membership?

  • Full length exam simulation
  • Individual category practice tests (i.e. Genetics, Taxonomy, Algebra)
  • Random practice test generator
  • PAT generators for unlimited angle ranking, hole punching, cube counting, pattern folding, and TFE practice
  • PAT Academy (55+ HD tutorial videos for the PAT section)
  • 300+ HD video solutions for the Organic Chemistry and General Chemistry section
  • and more

What tools and resources are free?

As a free member, you can access the following resources:

  • The first practice test for each subject
  • The first full length exam simulation
  • The first 3 chapters of Mike's Videos (both General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry)
  • The first chapter in each of the subjects for PAT and RC Academy
  • All of our study strategy
  • Our proven study guide
  • The angle ranking generator

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